What are shortfalls?

Shortfill eliquids are nicotine free eliquids sold in larger bottles, usually ranging between 25ml to 100ml with additional space in the bottle to add a nicotine containing eliquid shot.


How much nicotine shot should I add?

This varies depending on the size of the shortfill eliquid bottle you purchase, to the nicotine strength you prefer to vape. Most vapers add 10ml  of 18mg (1.8%) nicotine shot into a 50ml shortfill eliquid bottle. After shaking it for a few minutes, the final 60ml of shortfill eliquid bottle will contain 3mg or 0.3% of nicotine eliquid.

  1. 50ml + 10ml nicotine shot @ 18mg = 3mg finished eliquid

  2. 50ml + 20ml nicotine shot @ 18mg = 6mg finished eliquid

  3. 100ml + 20ml nicotine shot @ 18mg = 3mg finished eliquid

  4. 100ml + 40ml nicotine shot @ 18mg = 6mg finished eliquid

10ml of 18mg nicotine for use in mixing your own E-liquid or adding nicotine to 0mg short-fills.

A 10ml bottle of Pro Nic Nicotine Booster added to 50ml of nicotine free e-liquid will give you 60ml with a nicotine content of 3mg.

Pro Nic comes in a 70/30 vg/pg ratio.

Made in the UK to the highest standards possible.



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